Credit:  Grace  by Eric Enstrom

Credit: Grace by Eric Enstrom


Play (full-length)

It's 1962, and the Pope is convening the Second Vatican Council, calling on bishops from all around the globe to help build a bridge between the Church and the modern world. Thousands of miles away, in Brooklyn, a priest is also summoning his  family to gather in his father's house, to say goodbye before leaving for the Council. The meeting reopens old wounds, and it's not long before the devil enters the house through the cracks.


  • Semifinalist | Headwaters New Play Festival, 2019

Production history:

The Lark | Roundtable (Reading - Spring 2019)

  • Cast: Dan Domingues* (Simon), Brian Dykstra* (Enzo), Amelia Fowler (Veronica), Sara Ornelas (Paula).

  • Facilitators: Andrea Hiebler, Shara Feit.

    * denotes a member of the Actor's Equity Association

The Lark | Playground (Workshop - Fall 2018)

Playground is a laboratory program designed for writers interested in exploring short excerpts of work on its feet with a group of directors and actors. Each Playground section includes four writers, three directors, and six actors who, as a regular cohort, meet approximately every two to three weeks and play with sections of work-in-progress through experimentation or improvisation.