Tooth for Tooth

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Tooth for Tooth

Play (full-length)

Inés, a librarian living in 1970s Buenos Aires, during the dark period of Argentina's "Dirty War," grieves the death of her daughter at the hands of the left-wing guerrilla, but is forced to reconsider her loyalty to the dictatorship (and her military husband) when a friend goes missing, and she begins to fear the tales of abduction and torture the government insists on denying may be all too real. 


  • Finalist | Princess Grace Playwriting Fellowship, 2019

  • Finalist | Sundance Theater Lab, 2019

  • Semifinalist | O’Neill’s National Playwright Conference, 2019

  • Finalist | Normal Avenue’s NAP Reading Series, 2019

Production history:

LATEA Reading Series (Staged Reading - Fall 2019)

  • Directed by Stefania Bulbarella

  • Cast: Jennifer Park Hill (Inés), Maria Fernanda Diez (Mercedes), Alicia Ceron (Madre), Alex Moreno (Miguel), Dan Domingues* (Eduardo), Irene Benitez (Stage Directions).

  • Creative team: Jamie Godwin (Projection Design)

FailBetter NYC (Workshop - Spring 2018)

  • Cast: Zabryna Guevara* (Inés), Juan Francisco Villa* (Miguel), Vaneik Echeverria (Eduardo), Nicolle Marquéz (Mercedes), Lori Vega (Mother).

  • Creative team: Christopher Moncayo-Torres (Producer)

* denotes a member of the Actor's Equity Association