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Machine Learning | Play (full-length)

When his estranged, alcoholic father is diagnosed with liver cancer, computer scientist Jorge creates a nursing app to manage the disease in his stead. But as the machine's capabilities grow, it attracts the attention of the tech industry, forcing Jorge to choose between staying by his father's side or dedicating to his passion.


Tooth for Tooth | Play (full-lenght)

Inés, a librarian living in 1970s Buenos Aires, during the dark period of Argentina's "Dirty War," grieves the death of her daughter at the hands of the left-wing guerrilla, but is forced to reconsider her loyalty to the dictatorship (and her military husband) when a friend goes missing, and she begins to fear the tales of abduction and torture the government insists on denying may be all too real.


Patriarch | Play (full-lenght)

It's 1962, and the Pope is convening the Second Vatican Council, calling on bishops from all around the globe to help build a bridge between the Church and the modern world. Thousands of miles away, in Brooklyn, a priest is also summoning his  family to gather in his father's house, to say goodbye before leaving for the Council. The meeting reopens old wounds, and it's not long before the devil enters the house through the cracks.


My Best Friend's Wedding (To a Lesbian, with a Brownstone and a French Bulldog) | Play (full-lenght)

Marriage is a patriarchal institution and love was invented by advertisers to sell chocolate, yet millennial best friends Julián and Mika are still looking for The One. But Julián keeps getting ghosted when people find out he's asexual and Mika keeps falling in love with unavailable girls that break their heart – so why not try being in an open relationship that can fulfill their romantic needs? In this parody of the classic 90's rom-com, a group of friends explores what love can look like in 2019 and how far we've come (or haven't) from outdated relationship tropes.


Hairy Legs Hannah's Feminist Quarter-Hour | Podcast

In this new radio program, created by Woke City's Ministry of Progressive Affairs, feminist tweeter/Social Justice Warrior Hairy Legs Hannah tackles issues of discrimination, inequality, and free speech to teach kids about the liberal agenda - or she would, if she had any interest in following the script read by white, cisgender male narrator Ally Ira.


Land Most Loved | TV Pilot (one-hour drama)

In 1950’s Rio, a rising football star, Chiquito, fights to be drafted to the first Brazil-hosted FIFA World Cup, but his dreams of winning at home and becoming a national hero are jeopardized when his lover goes missing, and all evidence points to him.


Boys from Brazil | TV Pilot (half-hour comedy)

After five years in the US, ad man França returns to Brazil when he's offered the chance to run a department in his old agency, only to find out the friend and partner he betrayed by leaving is now his boss.